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Deepen your lived experience through an understanding of
the field of life's intelligences


Integral Energetics embraces the whole human & teaches the different parts of the energetic field and their intelligences

Develop Presence, Attunement, Resonance & Trust - faculties that assist in embodied self development.

By undertaking this course, you will develop a personal experience of the field and learn to inhabit a meaningful and enduring way of being. You will also learn ways to deepen your interiority, explore a greater relationship to self and start living life more fully and more deeply.


Knowledge of the whole human being, of your own field and energetic constitution and ways of  ~ Exploring it. Knowing it. Inhabiting it. Experiencing it. Trusting it and learning who you really are.

About Us

Taught by Dr Fred Swann and Dr John Hare, our courses are based on over 50 years of combined clinical practice and 4 years of practitioner certification.

Our teachings on the reality of a living energetic field, help build a foundation for consciousness, an orientation philosophy - rooted in transcendental truths.


They constitute the theory, skills and practice that lead to a proficiency and understanding of the energetic field, allowing you to participate with them for either self development, self knowing or as a means to further your capacity and attunement as a practitioner.


This is the course we would have loved to encounter in our younger years. Embracing the most holistic scientific wisdom as well as the deepest mystery wisdoms.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

~ Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1937).

Foundation Module starts February 2025

Foundation: Module 1 


Our Foundation Module is a 7 day immersive training, that will run from 
22nd of Feb - 28th of Feb 2025 



Participants will...

• Develop a personal experience of the field, not just a learnt objective theoretical one 
• Gain a better understanding of Self and the unfolding process of life
• Learn to inhabit meaningful and enduring ways of being 
• Learn to embrace the wisdom of knowing from the body
• Embrace the faculties of imagination and intuition
• Discern the right way of approaching knowledge, through the appropriate intelligence

Note: Our workshops are held in Melbourne, Australia

FOUNDATION MODULE   - $6,600 ( inc GST)

Early bird price  - $5,500 ( inc GST) until 30th of October 2024


Important: Please note, our courses are not recommended for people who have substantial mental health problems or take strong psychoactive medication

Attunement: Module 2

Our Attunement Module is a 7 day immersive training,

This Module is for people who have completed the Integral Energetics Foundation module and wish to further develop their capacity for self knowledge and working with the energetic field.

MODULE TWO - $6,600 ( inc GST)

“ We find the soul, not by turning away from the body, but by embracing it in a way that spiritualises the body; and we find the sacred not by turning away from the world but by embracing it, in a move that sanctifies matter."

~ Iain McGilchrist


  • I'm already a coach or practitioner of some kind, can I still join & weave this work with my own?
    Yes! Around half of our participants have some kind of previous experience, modality training or skill (some examples are doctors, psychotherapists & bodyworkers) but feel they are missing a ‘key piece’ to structure & deepen the work they are offering. Every participant in the practitioner stream can learn our teachings, then use to suit your current practice or expand it. We encourage you to take Integral Energetics and weave it together with your other skills & tools to offer the work in a way that feels aligned for you.
  • I have some other questions, not listed here...
    Curiosity is good. If you are genuinely interested in learning more about Integral Energetics and whether it is right for you at this time, we are more than happy to have a chat with you. The best next step is to enter your details on our contact page. You can also email us at
  • I've not had any experience with energy before, can i do this course?
    Yes. Our Foundation course is specifically designed to provide anyone with a practical and real understanding of the living dynamics of the energetic field. We encourage participants to be open and flexible with their current interpretations of self and the world.
  • Is the course for anybody?
    Yes, our modules are separated into 'Experiential' and 'Practitioner' streams. If you wish to engage for your self growth, knowledge and personal development only, you can take the 'Experiential' stream. Those seeking practitioner certification, are taught the specialist skills of working directly with the energetic field and how to work as an Integral Energetics practitioner within your community. Participants will be assessed on their capacity to stream into Experiential & Practitioner modules once they have completed our Foundation module.
  • How long does the course last for?
    The course is broken up into 3 seperate modules, our Foundation module and 2 subsequent modules. There are there modules per calendar year. In order to gain full Practitioner certification, you will need to complete 4all 3 modules
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